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Legal Career Coaching for Lawyers & Law Students

Jonathan Fagan, Legal Career Coach, MD Ten-Percent Legal RecruitmentJonathan Fagan, Managing Director of Ten Percent Legal Recruitment, has been coaching solicitors, barristers, overseas lawyers, law students/graduates and other legal professionals since April 2000.


Quotation Request for Legal Career Coaching


“..it was a pleasure to meet you today; it’s clear from meeting you that the reason you fell into coaching was an organic talent and interest and I’m grateful for your enthusiasm and instinct.”
“You encouraged me to look at doing something different in my career, which I have done and it’s paying off – Thank you.”
“The advice provided was very useful as it was personal and tailored to my previous qualifications, work experience and career prospects.”
“Utilising this service opened up my eyes to consider my options and career changes that I had not previously looked at. Invaluable advice on CV also.”
“I was very impressed with the first class service I received.”
“Thank you for your honest opinion and how to plan my career effectively.”
“Excellent service received.”
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Students & Graduates
Are you stuck in a rut and not sure what to do? Not sure which type of law firms to apply to? Did you get a 2.2 degree and not sure what to do next? LPC graduate without a training contract? Have you had training contract interviews and not been successful? Are you going for your first interview and wanting to practice a law firm interview? Applying for mini-pupillage or pupillage and wanting to practice interviews or discuss career options? Click Here for Training Contract Mentoring.

Are you a trainee solicitor not knowing what to do once qualified or wanting to transfer your contract? Struggling to find work? Are you a solicitor or barrister wanting to change fields of law? Have you been made redundant? Are you wanting to get out of law altogether? Are you returning to the profession after a career break? Are you experiencing difficult behaviour from your employer or colleagues at work? Do you want to plan your career path out or discuss going it alone and setting up your own practice? Are you worried about a job application process or want to practice interviewing?

Entering the Legal Profession
Are you thinking about training to be a solicitor, barrister, legal executive, paralegal, and not sure where to start or which route to take? Worried that you are not cut out for the job?

Overseas Lawyers
Have you just arrived in the UK or looking to work in the UK and do not know where to start looking for work or how to progress your career in the UK? Are you getting rejected by agencies?

Are you a pupil barrister considering your options? Are you wanting to change fields of law, go in house or join a solicitor’s firm as an advocate? Are you wanting to get out of law altogether? Are you looking for a move into a different Chambers and wanting to practice interviewing?

Quotation Request for Legal Career Coaching

We offer a service that starts as soon as you place your order and finishes when you end your career. We offer career coaching services that last for life. We have been offering this service since April 2001 and lawyers & law students we coached then still get back in touch for further assistance as and when they need it.

The coaching process starts with a 2 hour one to one consultation with Jonathan Fagan, tailored specifically to your individual requirements. If you are having problems getting through job interviews we will spend some time practising your interview technique. If you are feeling stuck in your current job and looking at alternative options we will spend the time considering these. Every client has different needs and we tailor the session accordingly.

After we have finished the two hour session we provide you with a written report (and feedback on interview technique if relevant), any other work we have agreed (for example your CV prepared, email addresses provided, your application forms reviewed) followed by unlimited careers & CV support for life.

Each session also includes:

  • Unlimited CV & Covering Letter Reviews
  • Unlimited Application Form reviews
  • Careers Report with feedback and advice
  • Copies of our CV & Interview eBooks

We cater for solicitors, barristers, legal executives, trainee solicitors, overseas lawyers, practice managers, support staff, LPC graduates & students, BVC graduates & students, GDL graduates & students, LLB graduates & students, A Level students, overseas students, career changers and entrants to the legal profession from all walks of life.

Jonathan Fagan LLM MIRP MAC Cert RP is a qualified solicitor and Managing Director of Ten-Percent.co.uk Limited, the online solicitor recruitment consultants. He studied law at Leicester University and Frankfurt University before training with a specialist practice. On qualification he worked for a Chambers-listed firm before going in house and subsequently taking a full time role in Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment. He has personally assisted many solicitors, barristers, trainee solicitors, paralegals and law students with their CV, interviews, relocation and careers advice. He has recruited solicitors, legal executives and barristers for firms across the UK & overseas, and prepares CVs for a range of people in the profession, from senior partners and barristers to paralegals and law students. He is the author of The Guide to Writing a Legal CV and the Interview Guide for Lawyers (available at our bookshop) and lectures on CV Preparation, Interview Practice and Legal Careers to LPC students, assisting lawyers personally with recruitment in specialist fields of property, litigation and private client law via www.jonathanfagan.co.uk, part of the Ten-Percent Group of Legal Recruitment Websites. You can read his daily blog here, which contains advice on interview questions, recruitment tips for firms and candidates, as well as commentary on the legal job market. A copy of Jonathan’s current Association for Coaching membership can be found here. You can also read FAQs on our legal career coaching service here.

Jonathan Fagan is available to give you specialist advice as required. Lawyers who have used us over the years return for impartial and free advice as their career progresses.

Consultations are available in London, Chester, Bristol, Carlisle and Milton Keynes. If you would like further information please email us at cv@ten-percent.co.uk or click the button below to request a quotation.

Quotation Request for Legal Career Coaching

Click here for FAQs