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Negotiating for the sake of negotiating – the risks of haggling on salary during the job offer process

A couple of job offers recently have ended up in a stalemate situation between the employers and the employees. The employees have asked for a higher salary and the employers have taken umbrage at the fact the employees have asked the question. Here are our top 10 pieces of advice when considering negotiating on salary…

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Don't reject candidates before you get an acceptance
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Don’t tell candidates they have been rejected until you are absolutely sure that you don’t want them.

We recently had an instance where a solicitors firm interviewed three or four different solicitors for a role, which was relatively well paid and required a particular level of expertise. The partners saw four candidates at interview and made a decision after the interviews to recruit one of these. They immediately emailed the unsuccessful candidates…

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Legal Job Market Update 13th September 2018

To read Legal Recruitment News for September 2018 please click here: Summary In recent months there has been a lot of political uncertainty and we were curious to see whether this had been reflected in the legal job market. So this month we have undertaken a comparison with the same time period last year…

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New LAA Contract Awards for Family, Mental Health etc. – how not to recruit Supervisors for new contract awards

Today is the day when the LAA have issued a whole new load of contract awards after recent tenders by law firms across the UK. So far we have had telephone calls from law firms asking about Family Law Supervisors and Mental Health Law Supervisors. Any more? I can’t remember if Housing or Immigration are…

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IR35 and Local Authority Contractors – are we heading towards the same regime for Private Practice?

Minutes from HMRC’s latest IR35 forum indicate that similar reform could hit the private sector soon. This could be a worry to a good number of law firms who regularly use locums. Our own thoughts on it are that provided the contractual position is clear and the locum is a senior lawyer who is able…

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Paralegals are more likely not to turn up for Job Interviews than any other staff. Why?

Out of 5 job interviews arranged for paralegals and junior fee earners, we estimate that 1 candidate will not turn up. For solicitors and legal executives we think the figure is closer to 1 in 20. Why? Here are our top reasons. 1. It is much easier to apply for a job than it is…

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Restrictive Covenants – do they put employees off?

We have recently introduced a candidate to an employer where a restrictive covenant was used which must surely fall foul of rather a lot of employment regulations! The role is a fairly junior fee earner position and not senior management or director level. The restrictive covenant was actually called a “non-compete clause” and included the…

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