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South African lawyers relocating to the UK
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What do my South African qualifications count for in the UK? I am a South African qualified lawyer.

If you are a South African qualified lawyer who has decided to come to the UK to experience our high quality weather, our stable political system and our well functioning courts, congratulations! You may have spent 20 years practising in a good quality South African law firm undertaking high quality legal cases and you may…

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Child Care Lawyers
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Childcare Solicitors – what do they do and how do I become one?

There are a lot of different terms used for the work of a childcare solicitor. You will often see them described as solicitors with care proceedings experience, solicitors who do publicly funded family law work (just about the only thing left now that is publicly funded is care work), social services family lawyer, local authority…

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Barristers - riddled with nepotism?
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How to Work as a Lawyer in the UK – top tips

Here are the Ten Percent Legal Recruitment top tips for becoming a lawyer in the UK. Firstly, bear in mind that there are quite a few different types of lawyer working in the UK, including barristers, solicitors, “non-qualified fee earners”, legal executive, licensed conveyancer, will writers and paralegals. In case it assists, a “non-qualified fee…

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Legal Aid Agency
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New LAA Contract Awards for Family, Mental Health etc. – how not to recruit Supervisors for new contract awards

Today is the day when the LAA have issued a whole new load of contract awards after recent tenders by law firms across the UK. So far we have had telephone calls from law firms asking about Family Law Supervisors and Mental Health Law Supervisors. Any more? I can’t remember if Housing or Immigration are…

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