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UK Legal Recruitment Consultants

in Relocation

Relocating in the UK and overseas

Not so long ago, we recruited for a firm looking for a candidate to work in Bermuda. Within one week of a Law Society Gazette advertisement, we received 75 applications, all from conveyancing solicitors. Normally when advertising in the Gazette we receive 2-3 enquiries from each advertisement, so this was quite a shock! Relocating abroad…

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in Legal Profession

Overseas Lawyers

Overseas lawyers have over the last 4-5 years or so found it easier to source work in the UK. We do not intend to discuss the issue of work permits etc.. as there are plenty of sites with excellent advice available on them already. With the increase in bulk conveyancing, telephone advice services, local authority…

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in Changing Jobs

Career Paths for Law

A common question we get asked by solicitors and executives is “what should I be doing with my career”?  It is very hard to give a response to this. It really depends on what you are looking for out of your career, and whether you seek a high salary, status, or you have entrepreneurial ambitions…

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