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Should I leave when I qualify? The dilemna for Newly Qualified – 1 year PQE Solicitors

Should I Stay or Should I Go? In April every year we are regularly contacted by newly qualified and 1 year PQE (post-qualification experience) solicitors who ask the following questions: 1. Should I stay with my training law firm for at least 2 years when I qualify? 2. How much should I get paid? 3.…

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In House Legal – is the grass greener on the other side?

For our full advice on in house legal jobs and moving in house from private practice (and vice versa) please visit our In House page by clicking The advice sheet includes the following: How easy is it to move from a solicitors’ firm to an in house legal department? Can anyone do it? Is…

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Crime Solicitor Contract 2017 – extracts relevant to Duty Solicitors and Supervisors

The LAA have very kindly published the 2017 Standard Crime Contract on the internet, which means it is possible to see exactly what the specifications are for the employed status of duty solicitors and also any restrictions on crime supervisors. Please see the extract in bold regarding ghost duty solicitors and also the new requirements…

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Good Work Life Balance and the Legal Profession

Good Work/Life Balances and the Legal Profession – are they compatible? I recently noticed an article online by one of our competitors (Douglas Scott) about work/life balances in the legal profession and how average hours worked have dropped dramatically since 2014. There is talk of agile working conditions, hot desks, plus Magic Circle firm Clifford…

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