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The Ten-Percent Foundation was set up in 2002 as a charitable trust specifically to distribute the donation Limited gives each year to charities. This includes the Ten-Percent Group of recruitment websites, which includes our Legal Recruitment services (, and and also our subsidiary company TP Transcription Limited ( and We donate 10% of net profits each year to the Foundation, which is a registered Charitable Trust in the UK (reg no 1095812).

We have always donated 10% of our profits to charity – you would probably expect this with a name like Ten Percent Legal Recruitment!

However we do not donate to any old charities. Our Foundation has a set of strict policies on who we support. We never support charities who pay excessive salaries to their executives (sadly this is all too commonplace in the charity sector) and we highlight charities who do pay higher salaries than £60k per annum on our website here.

Charitable giving is one of our main aims (other than making money of course) and by using our services you are contributing to our profits, 10% of which are donated annually to charity.

For full details about the Ten Percent Foundation please visit our charitable trust web pages here.