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Interview Question & Answer 27 – Describe a situation where you had to change your approach half way through a project or task following new input into the project.


particularly difficult competency based question which will almost
inevitably result in you needing to have an example in your head before
you go into the interview that you are able to use. Without having
something pre-prepared it is almost impossible to think about something
that quickly when asked these types of questions, which yet again needs
us to question the usefulness of competency based interview technique.
You need to have a situation in your head that can be easily altered and
adapted to a host of different questions, including this one. Usually
the best sort to go for are those where there is a positive outcome that
would not have happened but for a change in your plans half way through
a project. If you are a relatively junior person then it is perfectly
acceptable to think of something with an academic or sporting incident
but of course the best examples to use are work based

Examples of Answers

a project to construct a block of flats on the seafront in Portsmouth,
we had taken the decision to complete the project within the timeframe
allotted and to try and save considerable costs by using a
sub-contractor who had undertaken to complete particular parts of the
works within a very short space of time by working in teams through the
night. We anticipated being able to save our client about 15% in profit
costs by doing this and this in turn would lead to a bonus being paid to
us as the project managers. The work commenced and the sub-contractor
team began to push through the project. Unfortunately it soon transpired
that the work being undertaken by the sub-contracting team was of very
poor quality and they were not going to be able to complete the work to
the required standard. We were forced to reconsider the approach we were
taking to the project at this stage and I completely altered the
project to incorporate a new team of sub-contractors who would be
working standard hours and altered all the ensuing work to reflect this.
The result was that the project finished on time, within budget, but
without the substantial costs savings. However we thought it better to
complete in the style we did to ensure that the work was of particular
quality and that it passed the building regulations inspection at the
end of the timeframe.”

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