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Registering for the Legal Work Experience Scheme

Please do not contact us by email or by telephone for this scheme. The only way you can send us through details to register is via this form.  

Please enter the information requested below. CVs should be pasted into the form below, where indicated.  

1. Please enter your personal details below:

Street address
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Your address should be your permanent abode, not your university or temporary address.


4. Please state the highest level of qualification you have (LPC, LLB, LLM, A Level, BVC etc.)

5. Please enter a 100 word description of yourself and your legal experience to date.

7. Describe the region or areas you are able to work in. List if necessary - eg East Anglia, West Midlands, South East

*please think carefully when entering this information - how far are you really going to want to travel each day?

8. Please copy and paste your CV into this box.

13. Please tell us where you found out about our Legal Work Experience service:

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. 

Please send us your details by clicking on the button below "Send Your Details". Please note that you will receive no correspondence from us at all regarding this service, unless a valid post arises.   

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Last revised: 3rd December 2016