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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Updated Advice to Criminal Duty Solicitors

Should I stay or should I go? Crime Job Market Report I hope this article assists crime solicitors and does not depress anyone too much. It is a reflection of the harsh reality of crime regardless of the latest government interference in funding. Each time we get close to new contract deadlines or the next…

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Sample Covering Emails and Letters for Legal Jobs

Recently I have put together a couple of emails and letters for a client and these are included as free covering email and covering letter templates in this post below. The candidate in question is currently in house as a General In House Counsel. The covering email/letter is in a classic layout with the information…

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Career Paths for Law

A common question we get asked by solicitors and executives is “what should I be doing with my career”?  It is very hard to give a response to this. It really depends on what you are looking for out of your career, and whether you seek a high salary, status, or you have entrepreneurial ambitions…

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